Help! I'm Married Alive! 

Julia Stephenson is struggling to cope with life as a Surrey housewife. Grimly wielded to her electric floor polisher and fed up with her golf-addicted BMW driving husband, she bolts to the fleshpots of London.

Here she forges a new life as single girl about town in her Chelsea eyrie, a short walk from Peter Jones. Thrilled to find herself an It girl (at last life has some real meaning!) life soon becomes a ritzy blur of parties, popping corks and flashbulbs, while handsome aristocratic boyfriends come and go.

Realising she isn't cut out to be an It girl, (she doesn't like parties, can't think of anything to talk about with other It people, while her constant demands for Vegan canapés make her a challenging party guest), she embarks on an orgy of spiritual shopping.

Life is soon a blur of feng shui experts, psychics, soothsayers and ruinously expensive Tony Robbins fire-walking courses. After a trip to the Himalayas 'to find herself' she ends up with a broken heart, burnt feet and an overdraft. 

Reinventing herself as a femme serioux she represents the Green Party at the general election and begins to convert her flat into the first carbon-neutral dwelling in Sloane Square. 

Giving up her usual dating fodder of old Etonians and bankers she embarks on a tempestuous love affair with her builder. With the recession biting she realises the only men that really hold their value in these desperate times are those with essential skills like builders, plumbers and AA men.

After all, what use is it to a girl if her beau owns a county? It's far more useful if he can assemble flat pack filing cabinets from IKEA in under an hour. 

And who wants to be driven around in a Porche when they can be ferried about in a spacious white van that runs on waste cooking oil?

Life is so much better in every way when you give up the glitz...


In this delicious roman a clef the beautiful but moody heroine’s happy London life is shattered when she meets Mr Right and moves to the countryside to live the Good Life and attempt self sufficiency.  To her despair things soon go very wrong and she soon finds herself MARRIED ALIVE.  Find out how she escapes her rural hell in Stepfordshire. BUY Now >

`Scrumptious irresistible romance’, Daily Mail

`Very funny depiction of the horrors of the shires…. read and be warned’, Independent.   

`Hilarious…it has a horrible ring of truth – I couldn’t put it down’.  Sunday Times    

Published by: Headline | ISBN 0-7472-1767-X


Having escaped the hells of Stepfordshire, Pandora goes blonde with grief and throws herself back into London life and a series of pretty awful relationships with equally awful men.  Finding employment as a chalet girl she flees to the Alps and is irresistibly sucked into a desperate misalliance with devastating anti eco hero Jack Dudley. BUY Now >

`Very witty,’ Daily Mail    

`Going green has never been more fun’. Daily Telegraph

`Irresistible, a perfect read for summer.’  Express

Published by: Headline | ISBN 0-7472-2309-2

Going all the way with the Green Goddess Julia Stephenson
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