This life:Julia Stephenson on her quest for inner peace
My name is Julia and I am an addict. I am a compulsive spiritual shopaholic, and I am not alone.
You Magazine, Mail on Sunday
22 January 2011

Princess Diana, the patron saint of spiritual shopping, started the trend with her penchant for clairvoyants, astrologers and colonic irrigators, and many women have been feverishly seeking internal and external purification ever since. When G K Chesterton said that when a man stops believing in God he will believe in anything, he could not have anticipated the explosion in arcane health therapies and detoxing treatments now deemed essential to help us survive our stress-laden lives and purify our chemical-laden bodies. A whole new industry, estimated to be worth £15 billion a year, has emerged to keep up with our insatiable desire to find the answers to life's Big Questions. READ more >

My war on electrosmog: Julia Stephenson sets out to clear the electrosmogairwaves
The Independent
30 May 2007

A few months ago I noticed I was feeling dog-tired and drained all the time. Usually a good sleeper, I'd suddenly begun waking up early in the morning and finding myself unable to go back to sleep.

It wasn't only me that was drooping. My once-lush plants had lost their lustre too. Ridiculous, considering how well I look after myself - and my plants. READ more >

Sex, skivvying and squalor. My life as a REAL chalet girl (and how I met my first husband)
Daily Mail
11 March 2011

In the late eighties I worked as a chalet girl in a beautiful ski resort in Switzerland. Back then this was a rite of passage for 20-something Sloane Rangers who had done a rudimentary cordon bleu course and were happy to cook and clean a chalet in return for unlimited skiing, cheese eating and the chance to spend four months in a swanky ski resort. READ more >

Mail on Sundayhighlife
31 July 2010

Each morning, regular as clockwork, Julia Stephenson collects three freshly laid eggs from the roosting box in her chicken coop. In order to reach them, though, she has to climb a ladder up to her roof terrace, because her three chickens live high up among the chimney pots and satellite dishes of Chelsea in Central London. Julia, who stood as Green Party candidate for Chelsea and Fulham in the May general election, is determined to prove that hen-keeping isn’t a strictly rural pursuit, and that a degree of self-sufficiency is possible even in a top-floor city-centre flat. ‘I don’t know how old my chickens are,’ she says, ‘but they are still laying, and the eggs are delicious. READ more >

how i found love in a liftlove in a lift
You Magazine, Mail On Sunday
21 August 2008

An old school friend once told me that the quickest way to meet your perfect man is to write down all the qualities you want on a dream man list and put it under a buddha in your home. She had recently done just that and within weeks a dishy, dark-haired doctor (as per her list) walked into her life and they were married moments later. And she’s not even a Buddhist! READ more >

The Sunday Times
28 November 2010

With jealous friends, poor sales and the need to puff your work under false names, a novelist’s life is to be avoided. READ more >

Algae, swimmers and other varieties of pond life
The Independent
First published 01 August 2005

I grew up in the gin `n jag belt in the 70's when going green was something that happened to your hair after swimming in a kidney shaped pool without a cap. In those hedonistic days my mother and her mahogany tanned pals baked on flowery sunloungers, consoling themselves with endless Pimms sharpeners beside our bright blue swimming pool while my father escaped to his study from where the plaintive strains of Engelbert Humperdinck's Please Release Me wafted out on an endless loop. READ more >

Why animal testing harms humans
I recently squeezed into a small barren metal cage with animal welfare campaigner Meg Matthews, singer songwriter Maria Daines, whose fantastic song ‘Monkey in a Cage’ recently made it to the top of the charts, to raise awareness for Primate Day. READ more >


Daily Mail
18 August 2011
(yes I know I've tackled this subject 357 times before but you have to take the work where you can get it...long-suffering boyfriend's head is chopped off in pic to preserve anonymity.)
Many people assume that Britain is no longer bound by class — but when it comes to dating and marriage, most of us still choose a mate from a similar background. And I know from personal experience precisely why: because dating across the class divide is hard work. READ MORE

the true cost of cheap meat
Three cheers for porcine champions, Jamie Oliver, Joanna Lumley, Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall and Tracy Ward (aka the Marchioness of Worcester) who have admirably used their high profiles to raise awareness of the pig industry in a number of television programmes aired this month.

Pigs generally suffer from a bad press and arguably are the most mistreated of all farm animals, something that was confirmed late one night when I slipped into an industrial pig factory in Berkshire along with the animal welfare charity VIVA, who were filming undercover footage. READ more >

let's stop testing household products on animals
In 1997 due to overwhelming public pressure, the UK Government banned the testing of cosmetics on animals. This was a great victory at the time, but did you know that each time a new household product (as if we don’t have enough already!) comes out it must still be tested on animals? READ more >

How to be sustainable in sloane square sustainable in sloane square
Wormeries, water butts and hens on the roof – Julia Stephenson tells how she went from It girl to green goddess.
The Independent
10 May 2007

Animal Testing Harms Humans

The fight to abolish animal testing is not a cause the glossies generally race to take up. So I was delighted when, a while back, Vogue featured me in a photo shoot about green activists and invited me to plug my favourite cause.

I jumped at the chance to give some puff to BUAV (the British Union for Abolition of Vivisection) which campaigns tirelessly to let the public know the truth behind animal testing – not only that it is inhumane but also ineffective. A drug that works on animals will not necessarily work on humans, as we are so different. Just as an example, there are the 80 Aids vaccines successful in primates, which failed in human trials. READ more >

damned if you fly and damned if you don't - the dilemma of 'love miles'
The news that the Government has given the go-ahead for a third runway at Heathrow is disastrous news for many, particularly for those who live in the village of Sipson who must now come to terms with the forced bulldozing of their homes. Even flat-earthers who believe that global warming is not man-made cannot disregard the horror of thousands of people being subjected to increased levels of pollution, noise and brutal eviction from their homes. READ more >

Good news for those of us who have already begun preparing for the festive season – uncorking a bottle of wine revives the spirits while protecting some of the world’s rarest forests. Ancient trees that provide 15 billion corks a year and are home to some of the world’s rarest creatures including black storks and the Iberian lynx, could soon be destroyed by a single enemy – the metal screw-top cap.  Sometimes the simplest choices we make in our everyday lives can have a huge impact on the natural world. READ more >





I am gripped by Shane Watson's latest oeuvre, How to Meet a Man After 40.
London Evening Standard Friday 30 January 2009

I can't get enough of dating books, for despite becoming engaged to my own over-40-year-old, I'm still stocking up on reading matter - much to his chagrin. Around the World in 80 Dates is another favourite, along with Waiting and Dating. It's not that I think the grass is greener, far from it, but I feel Schadenfreude about other people's ghastly dating experiences. During my single incarnation I reckoned that, echoing Bridget Jones' fears, I might end up dying, fat and alone, found three weeks later half eaten by Alsatians, but surely this would be preferable to facing the horror of putting myself 'out there' as single people are instructed to do? READ MORE ›

Boom, Bust and Back Again:
You Magazine-Mail on Sunday
1 July 2012
After having a longed-for breast enlargement, Julia Stephenson couldn't wait to flaunt the results - but, as she explains, it was a decision she came to reret. READ MORE

Why every girl should marry her plumber
(and no, I'm not going round the u-bend)
Daily Mail

15 January 2009
Surely there is nothing nicer than dating your builder, plumber or car mechanic — preferably all at once so you can get your house, plumbing and car needs taken care of for free.

I speak from experience. I’ve just become engaged to a builder after three wonderful years during which taps have been fixed, stoves installed and peeling wallpaper replaced. READ MORE›

Love Across the Class Divide. Daily Mail
11 July 2006
Having a grand title is no guarantee of sparkling conversation. Indeed at the turreted castle of a foppish baronet, all the men wanted to talk about was interior decor.

Indeed the lack of testosterone at many upper-class soirees is so alarming one wonders how they breed at all. (Warning, this article has been deeply sanitised by the Daily Mail, please don’t hold me responsible for the irritating bits...) READ MORE

Recently I've had a spate of invitations to speak at various eco gatherings. Public speaking is an alarming prospect, but in the spirit that if it doesn't kill you it'll make you stronger, I've been saying yes to them all. READ MORE ›

I tried to enjoy my Devon Staycation, I reall Did...
Like many townies, I often fantasise about leaving my urban eyrie for the bucolic delights of the countryside. Part of me knows this is a madness (25 years ago I moved to a wood in Sussex and moved back to London pretty sharpish), but years of brainwashing from watching too many property programmes and endless surfing of property porn has enfeebled my reasoning facilities. READ MORE >

Over the past few months it seems as if every glossy magazine is having a green issue moment. READ MORE ›

Charles II was Britain's First Environmentalist.

And so to Hampton Court to see the The Wild, the Beautiful and the Damned, an exhibition of portraits of Charles II’s principal mistresses, including Nell Gwyn and Barbara Villiers, brought together for the first time.

It’s always a treat to visit Hampton Court, which is so rich in history and atmosphere and happily free of the dreadful atmosphere-sapping notices and health and safety nuisances that clutter other palaces (Carisbrooke Castle on the Isle of Wight is ruined by endless bossy boot warnings about uneven steps and low doors, oh please, English Heritage, we are not 5 years old). READ MORE >

Green In Chelsea.
I’ve just received planning permission to convert my 2 bedroom flat in central London into an eco friendly home. I’m being advised by dashing architect Alex Michaelis (currently greening up David Cameron’s house) and eco-coach Donnachadh McCarthy (from BBC 2’s It’s not easy being Green and author of bestselling eco bible, How to Save the Planet Without Costing the Earth). READ MORE >

Liposuction Dotor Atempts to Solve Fuel Crises by Using Human Fat for Fuel.
Dr Alan Bittner, a leading Beverly Hills cosmetic surgeon, has been running his car using body fat from his patients. Bittner uses the fat removed during liposuction procedures to power his 4x4. So, piling on the pounds this Christmas could be beneficial after all. Lawsuits against Dr. Craig Alan Bittner uncovered the claims that he was turning the medical waste into biodiesel to power his Ford SUV and his girlfriend's Lincoln Navigator. Although there's no mention of how Bittner did it, the triglycerides in the different types of fat, including human, can be turned into diesel fuel. READ MORE>

Help I'm Carborexic!
Like many of us I’m keen to do my bit to save the planet.  I precycle, recycle and cycle; I darn and dye my old clothes so I don’t have to buy new ones, I save the plastic bags newspapers are often wrapped in at the weekend and use them as sandwich bags (over and over again until they fall apart). I even get my inamorato to pee on the compost heap. READ MORE

Why date a Banker when you can date a Builder.
Grazia Magazine
The other night all the lights went out at once. In the past I'd have dealth with such a disaster by frantically flipping through the Yellow Pages or trying to persuade whichever hapless boyfriend I was with at the time to try and sort out the problem. READ MORE