I’ve just received planning permission to convert my 2 bedroom flat in central London into an eco friendly home.  I’m being advised by dashing architect Alex Michaelis (currently greening up David Cameron’s house) and eco-coach Donnachadh McCarthy (from BBC 2’s It’s not easy being Green and author of bestselling eco bible, How to Save the Planet Without Costing the Earth).  Steve Ross, green builder and my long suffering boyfriend will be doing the work.
Together we plan roof extension using hemp and recycled bricks; while we’re about it we’ll also be installing a rainwater harvester, solar panels, wood burning stoves, sun pipes, the first waterless urinal in the UK and 3 wind turbines.

Within 6 months we aim to manufacture enough electricity to be self sufficient in our energy needs and have enough left over to sell back to the National Grid.  I already grow my own herbs and vegetables, make my own cleaning products, avoid supermarkets and compost all my kitchen waste in 3 worm bins, I’m also about to take possession of 6 bantams.  The Good Life in Chelsea!  (Eat your heart out David Cameron). 

The Green Team.  

Julia, David Cameron’s architect Alex Michaelis, Steve Ross the builder, plus Donnachadh McCarthy and his (currently ineffective but he lives in hope) wind turbine in Peckham. 

As well as domestic dramas (I fear my builder will need strict eco-prodding, while PG tips and pork pies will be forcibly replaced with fair-trade tea and Dr Gillian McKeith’s hemp seed bars, the thought of which he finds revolting), and the thrills and spills of seeing the experimental wind turbines going up we will be suggesting advice on easy things people can do at home which will save them money as well as be green. 

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